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Specialist spill kits for emergency uses

Alongside our range of General Purpose spill kits, Oil Only spill kits and Chemical spill kits, we also provide a range of Specialist spill kits that are designed to contain and neutralise spills that are more hazardous and consequently require a more cautious approach.

Body Fluid spill kit


The Body Fluid spill kit offers a practical solution for cleaning up unsightly and unpleasant spills. It will absorb and deodorise bodily fluids such as vomit, urine and blood to eliminate the risk of contamination with infectious fluids. This spill kit is ideal for use in health care institutions, schools and hotels and will keep locations fully sanitised.

Mercury spill kit


Mercury can be a very harmful element especially when it is released into the air as it can be almost completely absorbed into blood and therefore distributed to all major organs. To provide technicians and workers complete protection when dealing with a Mercury spill we offer a Mercury spill kit that uses an immobilising agent that can suppress emissions of mercury vapour by transforming liquid mercury into a solid amalgam. Further to this, the kit also provides PPE and disposal equipment and can deal with a mercury spill of up to 40ml.

Battery Acid spill kit


Spills of lead and sulphuric acid from batteries can pose a serious health risk to workers as well as being a potential environmental hazard. In environments such as warehouses and garages spills of battery acid can be easily be neutralised by having on hand a Battery Acid spill kit. With 16kg of acid neutraliser supplied in one kit you can easily cope with a spill of up 32 litres of acid to ensure the complete safety of employees and employers alike.

All of our spill kits are manufactured to BS 7959, Parts 1, 2 and 3 and ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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