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Abandonned wheelie bins in need of a home

This week at Yellowshield we’ve been having a bit of a sort through in preparation for the winter and we’ve got found a couple great products that we can offer you fantastic discounts on.


Firstly we have a quantity of the universal 240 litre bins in blue. Unfortunately these bins have developed a few cosmetic blemishes on the way but nothing that will deter these little blue soldiers from carrying out their waste storage obligations. With their structural integrity still intact we can offer these bins to you at cost saving £....


Secondly we’re offering a great deal on a 2 drum pallet convertor. This little pallet convertor has been suffering from neglect and is in need of a home. It’s become a bit dishevelled and has a few scuff marks and one tiny gouge to its side but is still in full working order. One of the few survivors from an inferno at our warehouse it’s looking for a good home where it can once again be a bund for drums.


If you think you can offer any of these products a good home then please either order of the web or get in touch at 084545000556


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