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Zoo staff donate hair to help clean up oil spill

A zoo in East Sussex is doing its bit for the Deepwater Horizon spill response, after staff and visitors donated their shorn hair.

Approximately 60 people had their hair cut at Drusillas zoo by Icon Stylist’s Jal Clarke. Jal launched his appeal in July when he learned that workers cleaning up the spill were using human hair in booms on the coastline. He had already visited the zoo last month to collect fleeces from llama and alpaca.

The now hairless people all had their hair cut for free by the stylist who is still on the look out for further hair donations.

Mr Clarke stated:

"We have had great support so far from Drusillas but we urgently need a lot more hair or fur for the oil spill catastrophe.

"The aftermath of the devastation this oil has caused has already destroyed so much sea life. We need to act fast for our future generations."

Human and animal hair is a good collector of oil based fluids and as such can be used in booms ina spill response effort.

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