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You should always keep a spill kit at the ready

In factories, workshops and at petrol stations fuel spills are quite common. In such cases there should always be a fuel spill kit available to clean up the spill. This spill kit can be used in case of a minor spill while pumping petrol and can also come in handy during larger leaks. General purpose spill kits are a great way to stop accidents that may happen because of the spill.

If there has been a leak or spill, how do you use a spill kit? Spill kits contain absorbents that soak up the spilled fuel. Thus, whenever fuel spills you can sprinkle some contents from the spill kit on the fuel that has been spilled. Some kits also have a pad that can be put on the spill which can help to absorb the fuel.

There are spill kits available for large sized fuel spills too. If you have a spill you should assess how big the spill is and act appropriately. Depending on your business and the potential for spills that exist, you can choose from the many types of spill kits available to keep at the ready. With the help of these spill kits, you can avoid the many problems that might occur due to an unforeseen spillage.

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