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Yellow Shield launches most absorbent range ever

Yellow Shield are pleased to announce the launch of our best ever range of absorbent products that provide even greater quality and unsurpassed value for money.

We have developed our already comprehensive range of absorbents and have created both an Economy range and Premium range to meet all spill control requirements no matter what type of industry you are involved in. The dual range is intended to allow you to purchase an absorbent that is specific to your requirement and delivers real value for money.

Economy range

Our Economy range includes all types of absorbent such as General Purpose, Oil Only & Chemical and is available in all formats including, pads, rolls, socks and pillows. It has been designed to combine endurance, flexibility and effectiveness and is ideal for common everyday usage in warehouses, garages and factories.

Pads and Rolls

They are constructed using melt-blown polypropylene fibres which increase the surface area of the absorbent for greater liquid retention, thus reducing leaching (the escape of absorbed liquid). The layers are bonded for increased strength and the absorbents dimpled surface quickens the wicking process (how quickly liquid is absorbed).

Socks and Pillows

The Economy socks and pillows are manufactured with a stitched spun bonded outer for improved durability, material strength and liquid retention. The pillows can be used in restricted spaces, such as behind machinery, whereas the socks can be located around the base of machinery or they can be used as a defensive absorbent barrier in the event of a spill.

Premium range

The Premium absorbents are intended for use in tough environments where users require a long lasting and highly effective absorbent.

We have developed a Premium range of absorbents that will offer market-leading absorbent capacities for pads, rolls, socks and pillows. Our non-linting pads and rolls are specially designed for use within lint-free environments such as clean rooms that are typically used in manufacturing and require a low level of environmental pollutants such as airborne particulars.

Pads and Rolls

Our Premium absorbent pads and rolls are finished with a tear-resistant spun bonded cover sheet that increases the absorbents strength and preserves the absorbents pliancy. The cover sheet also eliminates linting (the detachment of small fibres from the absorbent) and in doing so, creates an absorbent that is ideal for use on delicate machinery and tools, and can be used for rigorous and demanding applications.

Socks and Pillows

The Premium Socks and Pillows are constructed using an expandable knitted outer for increased absorbency, enhanced strength and greater liquid retention. Absorbent socks and pillows are great for absorbing liquids in hard to reach areas and can be used as preventative measure in areas where spills are commonplace.

Value for Money

We regularly check the prices of all our products so that we can comfortably declare that we offer the lowest cost absorbents on the web, without ever compromising on quality.

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