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Workshop plunger cans and bench cans

There are countless types of liquids used every day at an industrial site and whilst some of these liquids may be harmless others may need more stringent controls to enable their safe usage.

If a person at site is frequently using small quantities of these liquids at any given time, one of the best ways to store the liquid is to use a safety dispending can. Safety dispensing cans are small liquid containing devices which hold and dispense the liquid safely each time it needs to be used.

Bench liquid cans

Liquid dispensing bench cans use a spring mechanism which when pressed down dispense a quantity of liquid onto a rag or cloth. The lid on the can stops vapours from being released and acts as a fire arrestor if the liquid is of a flammable nature.

Plunger liquid cans

Plunger cans can be operated using one hand and dispense a metered amount of liquid with each action. The dasher plate on the can works as a flame arrestor, whilst also allowing easy refilling of the can.

Both bench cans and plunger cans are available in different sizes and so capable of storing different volumes of liquid.

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