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Workplace spill signs

Having the correct signage at work is essential. Signs help employees and visitors not only find their way around a site but also some signs, such as safety signs, actually give people essential information about escape routes or information on where a fire extinguisher for example may be located.

If you use large quantities of hazardous liquids on site, you will also probably have keep spill control equipment on site too. And to use this spill control equipment employees will need information regarding its whereabouts and what types of spills it can be used on. This is when spill signage can really help.

Spill kit location and usage signs

Spill kit signs can give employees information about the whereabouts of the spill kit and what type of liquids the spill kit can be used upon.

Wet floor signs

Signs that let employees know that a floor is wet should always be available to use in an emergency. It’s imperative that these signs are used after a liquid spill.

In an emergency signs

General signs detailing what to do in a spill emergency should be positioned at specific locations around the site where hazardous liquids are kept. The signs can detail things such as how to raise the alarm and what steps to take to evacuate the general area.

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