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Why you might need sump pallets

Sump pallets are secondary containment units which are used in most industrial plants and factories where oils, fuels and other chemicals are stored. These pallets are designed in such a way that they contain any leaks, drips and spills from the storage drums.

The storage drums or containers are placed on sump pallets which help in preventing the discharge of chemicals into the environment. Thus, the main aim of sump pallets is to protect the workplace from any kind of damage. One of the best things about sump pallets is that they also have the capacity to contain all contents of the storage drum.

At the time of buying, you will find that sump pallets are available in different sizes, and shapes. Sump pallets also come in five main types; polyethylene sump pallets, steel sump pallets, covered sump pallets, external stores and IBC sump pallets. Hence, you can buy the one which suits your individual requirements.

Details about polyethylene and steel sump pallets

Nowadays, most businesses opt for polyethylene sump pallets as they are light in weight, durable and cost effective. These pallets are also highly resistant to hazardous materials. Due to advancements in technology, these sump pallets are made to very high standards and are efficient.

Steel sump pallets are used in many places as they can easily handle more hazardous chemicals. This is the reason why these sump pallets are used when storing chemicals which are highly corrosive in nature. Thus, you can control the spillages and safeguard your employees from harmful chemicals with sump pallets.

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