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Why are absorbent pads such an important part of spill kits?

At present, you will find that most industries and factories use chemicals or oils for manufacturing purposes. In these places, oil or chemical spillages have also become very common. Therefore, it is necessary to get spill kits in order to be able to deal with and clean up the mess quickly and safely.

If you own a manufacturing site where there is any risk of chemical spills taking place, then make sure that spill kits are on hand; ready to deal with any sudden problems. There are many of these kits available, some of which are ideal for cleaning up harmful hydrocarbons like fuel, gasoline and lubricant.

In all of these kits, you will find absorbents designed to soak up fluids from the ground or water. These come in the form of absorbent pads, rollers, pillows, socks and many more. Out of all of these, absorbent pads have proven to be the most popular and commonly used.

When buying absorbent pads, make sure you consider the features of the various types available:

• Universal absorbent pads - These are made from blown polypropylene capable of cleaning almost all types of fluids. These pads are grey in colour and also work with water-based fluids.

• Only-oil pads - These types of absorbent pads are also gaining popularity amongst manufacturers, as they are able to absorb oil and other hydrocarbons easily. One of the best things about these pads is that they also work well in water.

• Anti-static pads - These are generally used for cleaning oil and other chemicals.

Besides absorbents, it is recommended that you also get protective gloves, goggles and masks.

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