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Wheelie bins for industrial use

We take for granted the wheelie bins that our local council provide for us to use. Most local councils operate an efficient recycling scheme where different colour bins denote a different type of material than can be put into them. The bins are collected on a weekly or bi-monthly basis and the rubbish is taken away to its relative recycling depots.

Industrial wheelie bins

If you run a manufacturing or processing site, things can be a little different. You will have all sorts of different materials that you use on a daily basis, some that can be recycled and some that cannot. To cope with this type of industrial waste, you need some sort of similar scheme the local council employs. And what better way to use than to take their lead and use wheelie bins.

You can buy wheelie bins quite easily online in lots of different sizes. From the standard 120 litre bin most of us have at home to 360 litre standard bins and even 1100 super large push along bins. The standard bins operate in much the same way as the bins you have at home, while the super large bins have four castors and can be pushed along exceptionally easily.

Wheelie bins are available in a wide range of colour options, so you can colour code the bins at your site and they can even be bought with a range of lids, such as a bottle bank lid, so recycling is made even easier.

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