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Wheelie bins at home and in industry

Many people take for granted the humble wheelie bin they use on a daily basis to dispose their general household waste. However, on a larger scale, wheelie bins are an important commodity for those who work at industrial sites. And you might have already guessed that they also come in sizes a lot bigger than we are commonly used to.

Most of us have 240 litre wheelie bins at home. We use them for our general waste and for our recyclable bottles and waste paper. Their design means that they can be moved quite easily and toughened lip means they can be picked up by the refuse collector truck and emptied without the need for human contact. It’s because of these traits that wheelie bins have now quickly overtaken the general cylindrical bins of the past.

Industrial wheelie bins

On an industrial site you can expect to see wheelie bins in an array of different colours and sizes, varying from small sized 120 litre wheelie bins to stainless steel 1100 litre wheelie bins, which are hardwearing, durable and able to take the knocks and blows of being used in a harsh environment. Larger wheelie bins usually have four rotating wheels instead of the usual two, which means they are easy to push in any direction, even when full.

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