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What spill kits do I need for my site?

If you take a look online you’ll be able to rind a wide range of spill kits suitable for just about any type of application in a wide range of absorption capacities. However, if you are choosing spill kits for a specific application you may need some advice from a spill kit specialist before you purchase any type of kit.

Before you decide on a spill kit you need to ask yourself where the spills are most likely to happen on your site. You can then assess the potential volume of liquid and the type of liquid which may be spilled and thus have an idea about the type of spill kit you may need.

It’s important to stress that the easy availability of a spill kit near a spill site will aid with the spill response time and the effective clean-up operation. If operators at the site struggle to find a spill kit location, excessive contamination may occur. For this reason it is important to have a good number of spill kits dotted around your site at strategic locations.

If you are unsure on the type of spill kit to use or are unsure on the capacity needed, it’s always worth speaking to a technical expert who’ll only be too happy to help.

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