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What is bunded storage?

At any site that uses hazardous liquids or chemicals, there need to be provision to store these liquids safely. The haphazard storage of oil drums and tanks is not just dangerous to the employees who may come into contact with a liquid should it be spilled, it can also be damaging to the environment if a substance is spilled and not contained. More importantly, it is also against current regulations to not have procedures and equipment in place to stop liquids spilling.

What is a bund?

There are many different types of liquid storage containers and liquid storage vessels you can now buy that contain a bund. But what is a bund?

A bund is a secondary containment area in a tank or a drum where spilled liquid can collect if the original storage area fails. For example, a bunded liquid storage tank may have a bund capacity of 110%. The bund in a storage tank can thus cope with handling 110% the capacity of the standard storage area within the bunded tank.

Bunded storage containers

There are lots of different bunded storage facilities available for the industrial user. Bunded storage containers can hold a number of standard drums but if any or all of the drums leak, the container has an area under the drums to collect the spilled liquid.

Using a bunded storage vessel will ensure that if the tank or drum fails, the contents will be contained. This lowers the chances of your employees being affected by a spill, lowers the chances of the spilled liquid causing damage to the environment and brings you in line with current hazardous storage regulations.

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