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What is a bunded tank?

Fuel liquids need to be stored carefully. The leakage of a substance that could cause damage to the environment could have severe consequences for a company’s reputation, not to mention failure to comply with health and safety and COSHH regulations.

To prevent leaks and stop spills, you can now purchase bunded tanks to store hazardous liquids. And in some cases, these types of tanks are the only type that can be used under recent legislation. But what is a bunded tank and how does it work?

A bunded tank is actually a tank within a tank. The liquid contents are contained in the inner vessel, but should the inner vessel leak, the contents will be contained by spilling into the outer vessel. The outer vessel usually has a capacity 110% larger than the inner vessel, so all the spilled contents can be contained.

Most bunded tanks can be fitted with a bund alarm so the user will know if the inner bund fails and also overfill protection valves, so no substance can leak if the tank is accidently overfilled.

Bunded tanks are available in a wide range of sizes that are suitable for many different types of industrial applications.

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