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What are the three main spill kits?

If you are working with dangerous chemicals and liquids around you or if you have regular problems storing them efficiently, you must get spill kits for your business as soon as possible. Spill kits are effective and efficient in clearing spills and they reduce the chance of damage to the storage area as well as the people within it.

When you plan to buy a spill kit, the first thing you must consider is the type of liquid involved in the area it is destined for. Apart from just considering the type of liquid, you have to look into factors such as the potential volume of the spills and its chances of occurrence.

Type of liquid:

Spill kits are useful, as they are the perfect emergency sets for spill control. There are different spill kits for different types of liquid and spillages:

  • General purpose

These are useful in clearing a broad range of spills. General spill kits are excellent types of spill control to be kept handy at all times, as they are best in dealing with a huge variety of materials.

  • Oil only

As the name suggests, these work best on oil spills. If your business deals with substances such as oil, this kind of absorbent is the best pick in such a scenario.

  • Chemical

These absorbents are useful and the most obvious choice for hazardous materials, such as chemical spills.

Speciality spill kits

There are a number of speciality spill kits, two popular ones are mercury and battery acid spill kits.

Selecting an appropriate absorbent kit will depend on the kind of liquid or chemicals that your business is dealing in.

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