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We Just can't Stand Waste!

Just recently we’ve managed to procure a large quantity of pre-owned 140 litre dark grey wheelie bins that were headed for the scrap yard. There’s nothing wrong with these bins, it’s just that they weren’t suitable for somebody else so we decided to take them off their hands.

They have a few minor blemishes, the odd scratch here and there and "MID SUFFOLK DC" printed on the lid, but nothing will deter these little grey troopers from fulfilling their storage obligations and we just hate to see things wasted; if it can be used, then it can still be sold.

There are many uses for these wheelie bins barring the obvious. They can be turned into a container for growing compost down at the allotment, they can be used on building sites for collecting hardcore rubbish or if you wanted to, you could use them as a handy storage unit for garden spades and forks.

Just remember, if you want a wheelie bin then these wheelie bins need a home and you won’t find any other 140 litre pre-owned wheelie bins on the net at a cheaper price then £25 with free delivery.

To give a pre-owned wheelie bin a home please visit the 140 litre pre-owned page and help Yellowshield recycle the nations unwanted wheelie bins.

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