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Vehicle spill kits

Spill kits are widely used in industry to control the spill of liquids such as oil and prevent the spill from further endangering the environment. They might contain things like PPE, absorbent pillows, absorbent pads and absorbent socks. People now realise the danger a spill can cause and often have these kits on hand so they can be used when needed.

Although spill kits are widely used in industrial environments, they can also be used in other situations too. Some spill kits are put together that focus on containing spills on the surface of water, such as a lake or a pond, others are made for specific vehicles like forklift trucks. And they are all available in a wide range of sizes suitable for many different applications.

HGV spill kits

A vehicle spill kit is a necessity for any large vehicle driver. And, is a perfect solution for small spills from the vehicle. Whether you drive a van, a lorry or an HGV, the kit takes up a minimum amount of room and is easily portable, so can be swapped between vehicles if necessary. Spill kits of this size can usually absorb up to 28 litres of spilled oil.

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