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Using oil absorbents appropriately

Best management practices state, businesses that pose hazards to the environment should undertake safety measures to avoid these risks from causing environmental harm. To comply with these regulations, industrial companies usually use spill containment pallets to make sure that harmful materials do not damage the environment.

Oil absorbents are one of the most common components in spill kits. Spill clean up rolls and pads are oil absorbents that are capable of soaking hydrocarbons such as fuel oil, lubricant oil, gasoline and oil.

The oil absorbents used for oil spills are specially manufactured for unknown liquid spills and chemical spills. Universal maintenance absorbent pads are manufactured from meltblown polypropylene sorbent and lint-free spun bond fabric that is ultrasonically bonded with each other. It comes in a grey colour which enables in to mask the dirt. After wringing out the absorbent liquid, these pads can even be reused. These types of oil absorbents can also be used for everyday maintenance activities such as small spills and repairs.

Economy oil absorbent pads and rolls are other oil absorbents that are capable of soaking up oil and oil-based fluids. They are generally made from one layer of hydrophobic oil only polypropylene along with stacked weave designed for increasing the surface area and make it effective in soaking small oil spills. These rolls and pads are bright white in colour, thus making it easy to see whether they are completely saturated with oil.

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