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Using mini spill kits for a quick spill response

There are many different types of spill kits which are available in a range of different sizes. And, many sites choose to have a number of these different kits on site to cope with a variety of spills; however it is sometimes better to have a greater number of smaller spill kits around the site instead of just a few large spill kits so they are more readily available.

With the absorption capacity to soak up around 10 litres of fluid, mini spill kits are the perfect spill solution to clean up minor spills.

Miniature spill kits

Miniature spill kits can clean up spills of substances such as oil. And because these kits actually repel water they are the perfect way to clean up oil spills in a drain or watercourse. Because the absorbent pads found within the mini spill kit pack only soak up the oil, they are more efficient than a pad which will soak up any liquid spill.

One of the best things about mini spill kits is that they aren’t too expensive and because of this they can be located around your site so that you can instigate a quick, effective spill response.

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