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Using drip trays to catch unexpected spills

It is a fact of life that no matter how well prepared your industrial site is for a leak or a spill of a hazardous liquid, at some point a leak or spill will occur. Old, well-used machinery has a habit of leaking the lubricant it uses through worn seals or gaskets. So when this happens you’ll need a way that you can contain the drip or leak until you have enough downtime in your production schedule to instigate a permanent repair.

A drip tray is the best way to catch a drip from a leaky machine. The tray can be slid under the drip and as long as the leak is not causing a production problem it can be left in situ until the leaky machine can be repaired.

Drip trays are available in a wide range of sizes, capable of holding liquid in huge volume capacities. For example, some drip trays are capable of holding over 200 litres of liquid.

One of the easiest drip trays to keep at the ready should you notice a drip is a Polyethylene drip tray. These drip trays are extremely light in weight and also easy to handle. And when used with absorbent pads make an excellent drip catching solution.

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