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Using bunded IBCs to store liquid safely

One of the safest ways to store any type of liquid at an industrial site is in an Intermediate Bulk Contrainer (IBC). IBCs can be transported around site and can be fitted with filling nozzles and discharge pumps so that the liquid can be used from them when needed, making them a popular choice.

Due to the fact that IBCs are easy to transport it makes the likelihood of a spill from them a little greater than a fixed liquid storage tank. Because of this, bunded IBC stores are commonly used in tandem with the containment device. Bunded IBC stores prevent damage to the surrounding area if the IBC were to leak and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Larger bunded IBC stores are available in types which completely enclose the IBC and feature things such as lockable roller doors or sliding doors. Some are even capable of holding up to 24 IBCs so that storage of these containers becomes very easy indeed.

Bunded storage is essential when a liquid may possess a spill risk to the environment. The bund collects any liquid spilt from the container and holds it until it can be pumped away. Most application specific bunds are capable of holding around 110% of the total liquid contained within the storage device they are designed to protect.

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