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Use the right control equipment to contain your spills (Part 2)

In the last article we discussed how important it is to use the right type of control equipment and the need to keep it in good working condition. Here we will continue with this discussion.

Check your control equipment

If you follow safe systems of work and a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule, you will be able to notice any defects or problems before the system breaks down or needs to be used. If for example you use a variety of bunded spill pallets on your site, a regular check of the pallets for defects or damage will mean that if they need to contain a large spill, they will do so properly.

Keep maintenance systems up to date

It is really important that as an employer you make sure that you stay in control of the methods you use to monitor systems of work. So you need to make sure the control methods are followed once they are in place. It’s easy to set up a system and see it fall by the wayside when you have other things on your agenda. For systems like this to work, it is important that a duty holder is designated or a competent team of workers follow the stipulated maintenance routine.

Things they might check are:

• The control device is not leaking any contaminants

• Employees are following the correct systems of work

• The control equipment can still perform the task it was designed to do

• Estimate when the control equipment is coming to the end of its useful life

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