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Use spill kits and save our environment from hazards

Spill containment pallets and spill kits are containers that are available in different sizes and types. They greatly help to control the leakage of drums or any other type of fluid container. If your business needs to store containers that are filled with flammable chemicals or liquids, it is essential to protect them from any type of leakage.

Containment pallets and spill kits are made from high density polyethylene. Most models have a removable poly grate to enable easy cleaning. All polyethylene units feature a weatherproof and lockable design, thus enabling secure outdoor storage of harmful waste and materials. The polyethylene construction is excellent for chemical resistance. It also helps to prevent corrosion and rust.

Spill response is the action that is taken when harmful chemicals - radiological, biological, fuel and oil are spilled. The spill cleanup procedure begins by conducting an initial risk assessment to find out if evacuation is needed. However, if evacuation is required, the level also needs to be determined.

The level of evacuation includes room, building and floor evacuation. The spill containment strategy must be achieved prior to the chemical spill cleanup procedure beginning. If you detect a spill, you should immediately report it to the supervisor or the emergency/security department. The response services staff will be able to provide you with the right guidance and emergency procedure.

Often, the requirements and procedure for reporting a spill varies depending on the material spilt. So, in order to avoid the threats to our environment due to oil/chemical spills, it is better to use spill kits and spill containment pallets.

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