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Understanding the features, design and uses of bunded oil tanks

A bund wall is used to prevent inundation of any kind either by liquid or other material.

About Bunding

The term bunding is generally used in liquid containment facilities. Bunded oil tanks are used to prevent leakages or spills from oil tanks or pipes. A strong bunded barrier prevents the liquid escaping from the tank or pipe.

What are bunded tanks used for?

Bunded tanks are used to prevent harmful toxic substances from overflowing. They thus ensure that the liquid does not cause any sort of damage to the surrounding environment. Adequate steps should be implemented to ensure that the liquid is contained inside efficiently. The liquid, in this case oil, if exposed can cause considerable damage to the surrounding area and a clean up operation can have considerable costs to the company.

Bunded oil tank design

Bunded oil tanks are built by experts who ensure that they are sturdy enough and can contain all the contents of the leak appropriately. According to regulations, these bunded oil tanks are supposed to be one third larger than the liquid contained in the tank. Usually, bunded oil tanks have a concrete wall around them. On the other hand, sometimes smaller containers are made of plastic or steel.

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