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Types of absorbents

If you face situations where you have to clean up oil quickly then you need to invest in oil absorbents. Nowadays, many spill kits contain oil pads or rolls, which come in different forms and sizes.

Oil absorbents can easily absorb large spills, and oil absorbent booms are particularly useful in clearing up mess speedily.

These absorbent booms are durable, as they have a nylon rope which makes it easy to retrieve. You can also connect several booms together by using clips or a steel connector. This way you can easily absorb large spills.

Other than oil absorbents, booms are also available in different categories which help in absorbing other fluids. Chemical booms are effective absorbents which are commonly made with an outer polypropylene mesh. These booms are much stronger than many other types of absorbents.

With the help of absorbent booms, you can easily clear up large spills. They are also effective in absorbing water-based fluids such as gas, diesel, hydraulic fluids, hexane and MEL.

Absorbent booms are a must if the risks of large spillages are high in your place of work.

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