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Two kinds of absorbent pads found in spill kits

If you run a business where you need to deal with chemicals or liquids of some sort then you need to handle them properly, as any spills can be dangerous for the people working. This is why it is recommended to buy spill kits which help in cleaning any spilt liquids from the floor safely and easily.

Spill kits contain components which help in clearing the spill effectively. The most important component in spill kits is absorbents which soak up the liquids. There are various types of absorbents available these days. This includes absorbent pillows, pads, rolls, socks and booms. Out of them, absorbent pads are most commonly found in spill kits.

While buying, you will find that these pads are available in two main types:

Universal absorbent pads – These pads are made from meltblown polypropylene sorbent and lint-free spundbond fabric. These two materials are bonded to each other and it generally comes in grey colour. One of the best things about absorbent pads is that they can be reused if effectively drained.

Oil absorbent pads – These absorbents are specially designed in such a way that they can efficiently clean oil and oil-related liquids. These pads are made from hydrophobic oil-only polypropylene, which helps in soaking up oil easily. These pads are usually white in colour which helps you to know whether it is fully saturated or not. Oil absorbent pads can also be used in water.

So, you can now buy the type of absorbent pads which suits the nature of spills that take place in your workplace regularly.

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