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Traffic chaos around Manchester after lorry crashes and spills fuel on carriageway

Traffic around Manchester ground to a halt last Monday (16th of May), after an accident on the M60 motorway, which closed two lanes of the carriageway.

The accident happened after a lorry reportedly hit a gantry sign and overturned, spilling fuel and its cargo across the northbound carriageway. Due to the incident a number of cars were also damaged after they swerved to avoid the lorry and hit debris in the road.

The accident happened at Junction 11, near the Trafford Centre, and caused chaos during the busy rush hour period.

The two lanes were closed shortly after the incident, at around 2pm, and the motorway did not fully reopen until the early hours of the morning.

Police had to use special absorbent pads to soak up the spilled fuel and used a special cherry picker to right the overturned vehicle.

VOSA have seized the truck and are due to carry out an investigation to try to find out why the incident happened.

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