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Top kill method continues are a brief suspension

The fight against the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico continues as BP start pumping mud into the oil well again following a brief suspension to the top kill spill control method.

It is not clear whether the top kill method has worked yet, but with BP estimating that they have spent £640m on response costs, they will be hoping for a success.

The top kill procedure was briefly suspended so that progress could be monitored but the method has been continued again now.

It is expected that news of whether the procedure has worked will be heard over the weekend. If it has been successful, then cement will be injected in order to seal the oil well.

In response to the disaster, Barack Obama has suspended test drilling on 33 rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and he has also stopped deepwater drilling for the next six months.

The president is set to visit Louisiana in order to see some of the devastation caused by the leak and he has said that he will hold BP accountable for the disaster. He also defended his government’s dealing of the situation.

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