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Tips for choosing spill kits

Listed below are some sensible and simple tips that you should follow when choosing spill kits. Keep them in mind and follow them carefully.

• Choosing the right spill kit from various different types can be confusing. A good place to start is by assessing the nature of the liquids present in your workplace. Make a list of all the liquids used or stored in your workplace.

• Once you have determined the kind of solutions and liquids that are in your workplace, determine the most likely locations for spillages, and whether they are likely to be on land or on water. If you do not consider this, it could cost you dearly. Based on your needs, you can choose from the following categories of spill kits.

1. General purpose spill kits: These kits are meant for land based spills, and you can absorb most water based solutions and oils using them.

2. Oil spill kits: These can generally be used on both land and water based spillages.

3. Chemical spill kits: Chemical spill kits are used for clearing up spillages of hazardous chemicals.

Keep these simple guidelines in mind when choosing spill kits for your workplace.

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