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Three types of spill kit

Every factory should have at least one spill kit which it can use if oil or fuel is spilled on site.

Spill kits are available in a huge array of different types, with many available in different sizes to suit different industrial situations.

The three most common types of spill kits are:

General purpose spill kits

These kits are perfect to keep at the ready in case any type of hazardous liquid is spilled. They contain items such as spill control socks and pads and contain everything you need to control and deal with spills.

Some general purpose spill kits come in shoulder bags, while others come in large sized wheeled bins. You just need to choose an appropriate one for your application.

Oil spill kits

Oil spill kits are designed to control and absorb oil spills whilst repelling any water. This means they are perfect to use in external situations where rain water will otherwise soak into any other absorbents. They can also be used to great effect on lakes, in rivers and at sea.

Like general purpose spill kits, oil spill kits are available in different types that can be carried over the shoulder or pushed along in a large wheelie bin.

Chemical spill kits

Chemical spill kits are made from a substance that can absorb aggressive chemical spills. They are also a great spill device to use if you don’t know the nature of the spilled liquid. Depending on the spill kit you need, you can get chemical spill kits with absorbent socks, pads, pillows and everything else you need to contain and control a spill.

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