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Three types of absorbent granules

Absorbent granules are one of the most frequently used types of absorbent materials. The reason for this is that they can be used in exact quantities, depending on the size of the spill, and because they are extremely cost effective.

Industrial indoor absorbent granules

Indoor absorbent granules for industrial use are perfect to use in a wide range of applications. The granules are lightweight and are manufactured from 100% recycled materials. They can be used to clean up fuel, oil and water based spills.

Clay absorbent granules

For outside use, a clay based absorbent free from dust is a good solution. The clay base makes these granules difficult to be dispersed by the wind, and because they won’t mud, they are a clean and efficient way of absorbing an outdoor spoil. They are perfect for cleaning up spills of fuel, oil and water based liquids.

General purpose sawdust granules

Sawdust absorbent granules are a general purpose spill absorbent. The sawdust is non-flammable meaning they can be used in extreme environments, and being a general purpose absorbent means they can be used on a variety of different types of spills.

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