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Threat of oil spill in the Philippines contained

An oil spill from a grounded tanker has been threatening the coast of Pagudpud in the Philippines.

The spill, from an abandoned North Korean cargo ship had increased in rate over the last few days due to rough seas to about 200 litres per hour.

Salvaging operations were undergoing on the vessel before bad weather meant they had to stop. The district commander of the coastguard of Northern Luzon, Captain George Ursabia, has said that locals living near the coast have no cause for concern, as dispersant chemicals are being sprayed on the affected area which breaks the oil up into small globules.

He stated:

“Oil spill booms were already placed in the affected portions particularly in the areas were the water is still brownish which was contaminated by Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO) to prevent the leak from further spreading”

The North Korean vessel ran aground on the 1st of January this year when it was fully loaded. It is thought that the vessel was carrying 116,000 cubic litres of bunker fuel in its fuel tanks, which if released could have a serious impact on the coast around Pagudpud.

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