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Things you should know about spill kits

Below is a little useful information about spill kits which you should know before making a purchase.

What are spill kits?

Spill kits are a collection of items that can be used in case of a spill or leak. They are particularly useful on industrial sites, where spillages are a regular occurrence.

The contents of spill kits

Spill kits contain 2 or 3 types of equipment. The first type of equipment is called personal protective equipment. The second kind of equipment is used to clean up the spill. Some kits even contain equipment to stop leakages.

The importance of personal protective equipment

Different spill kits have different types of personal protective equipment. Below are a few different types of spill kits and their contents.

1. Small spill kits: Small spill kits generally contain gloves, absorbents and a clean up container.

2. Large spill kits: Large spill kits contain protective clothing for two people. The items of clothing in large spill kits could include suits, gloves, boot covers, safety glasses and somtimes duct tape.

Spill kits are vital for any environment where spillages are a regular occurrence, especially where hazardous chemicals are involved.

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