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Things that you need to know about oil storage tanks

Oil storage tanks are some of the most used pieces of equipment in warehouses and commercial plants. They are designed in a way that stores fuel, oil and other harmful liquids safely. Cleaning up leaks can be expensive and can result in environmental damage. For this reason, it is necessary that companies invest in the right oil storage tanks and these should also be inspected properly at regular intervals.

Types of oil tanks

Although there are different kinds of oil tanks they can be classified into two categories. This includes oil tanks below the ground and those that are above the ground. Most oil tanks are made from plastic or steel, depending on their use. Usually, plastic oil tanks are made from green-molded polythene. On the other hand, steel oil storage tanks are made with fabricated steel that is lined with a coating so that the oil is repelled.

Different features

Oil storage tanks also have different features to deal with components efficiently. For instance, there are some oil storage tanks that are single-skinned. This means that these tanks have just a one layered wall. There are also doubled-skinned oil storage tanks, which have two layered walls.

Many oil storage tanks have content gauges, vents, overfill alarms and isolation valves fitted on them for safety purposes.

Understanding what you need from the oil tank will allow you choose the best one.

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