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The importance or a regular spill kit audit

Many sites now realise the importance of having spill kits located around the site to deal with emergency spill situations. However, some of these sites don’t realise the importance of conducting a regular audit of their spill kits to check the contents are complete.

Most sites will have a supply of absorbent materials which can be used on a day-to-day basis by operators and maintenance staff. These absorbents can be pads, wipes or rolls of material which can be used to wipe up drips or spills during maintenance activities. The spill kits at these sites should thus be left to tackle an emergency spill. However, in some situations the contents of a spill kit may be used instinctively to clean a spill when standard absorbents would ordinarily suffice.

It is therefore important to check the status of all the spill kits you have in case any part of the kit has been used this way.

Some industrial sites use audit covers or proof of use tape over their spill kits so that they can see if any of the kit has been used. This makes it easy to check and replace the contents of the kit.

If some of the absorbent materials have been used from a spill kit there is no need to buy a new kit. Replacement stock for your spill kits can be bought from suppliers at the fraction of the price of a completely new kit.

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