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The importance of spill training

Many different types of liquids are used in industrial processes, some hazardous, some benign. However, to comply with the latest legislation all industrial premises which use liquids at their site must have some sort of policy or spill control procedure in place so employees know how to react to a spill of an unknown liquid.

It’s important that staff who work with industrial liquids are trained on how to handle them properly and what to do if a spill occurs. Coping with a spill can be difficult and special measures may have to be taken, something you will only know how to do if you have been properly trained.

Get ready for a spill

Even if you never have a spill, you must be prepared. This means that your employees must know what to do to protect their own safety and what to do with the spilled liquid. If staff are trained and have the latest spill control equipment at their disposal, the spill can usually be dealt with correctly and quickly which will minimise disruption and reduce the chance contamination to the environment.

If designated employees complete an accredited spill training course they will know what to do when a spill happens and will know what type of spill containment device or spill kit to use to contain and clean the spill.

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