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The different types of spill signage

Spill signage

If you have spill control equipment kept at various locations around your industrial site, you will need to let employees know what types of spill equipment you have, where they are located and how to use them.

A good thing to do with any spill control equipment is to provide a spill identification sign alongside the equipment so employees can determine if it is the right kit to use.

Spill kit signs

Spill kit signs can provide clear precise information to anyone who may want to use the spill kit. They can contain information such as “oil only spill kit” or other information identifying what type of spill kit should be used in what scenario.

Wet floor signs

Wet floor signs should always be used if you have a spill. The signs can be placed around the spill area while the spill clean-up procedure takes place. Wet floor signs thus give a warning to employees that there may be a slip-trip hazard and as such are a legal requirement to protect your business interests.

Surface drain signs

If you have drainage on site that connects to the mains drainage system, you may want to highlight the fact that no other liquids should be poured down the drain. To do this you can use appropriate signage which highlights that rain water only should enter the drainage system.

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