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The different types of PPE

There are many systems in place that look after the health and safety of employees, whether at a private office block or an industrial site. The employers have a duty of care to look after those people who work for them and to make sure that they have all the equipment necessary to complete their allotted tasks without suffering any harm or being exposed to any damaging substances.

If you work at an industrial site, you will be aware of some of the different types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) listed below.

Safety goggles

Safety glasses and goggles are an essential piece of safety equipment when there is a chance of a dangerous materials or substances getting into an employee’s eyes. They may be worn when an employee is handling hazardous liquids, to stop accidental splashes of the liquid entering the eyes or for example when using a power drill

Nitrile gloves

Many industrial sites are not clean environments. Workers may thus be exposed to contaminated surfaces if they do not wear protective coverings on their hands such as nitrile gloves. Wearing gloves protects the employee from coming into contact with hazardous substances and they should always be worn when handling food or cleaning up a spilled liquid.

Ear defenders

In some industries the machinery used can generate a lot of noise. In some cases this can exceed the allowed decibel level if an employee is exposed to the noise for long periods of time. In cases like this the employee should be given and wear ear defenders.

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