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The different types of absorbent materials

One of the best ways to soak up spills is by using absorbent materials. And, absorbent materials are now manufactured especially to soak up certain types of liquid spills. They are available in types such as:

Absorbent pillows

It’s the flexibility of absorbent pillows that makes them perfect for mopping up spills. Their flexible shape, that can be packed into tight spaces and their ability at soaking up pooled spills, means they are perfect to keep at any industrial site.

Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads are great to use to mop up smaller spills. They can be purchased in three different weights depending on the absorbency you need and are also manufactured to cope with specific spills such as chemical spillages.

Absorbent pads are really easy to keep at the ready and perfect to use in drip trays. They are a critical component of any spill kit.

Absorbent socks

In much the same way as a spill containment boom works to stop a liquid spill further contaminating an area, absorbent socks are perfect to use at industrial sites to stop the flow of a still leaking machine.

Absorbent granules

Granules are perhaps the quickest method of soaking up spills and because they are in granule form, you only have to use the amount of granules you need to soak up the spill, meaning there is no absorbent wastage.

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