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The benefits of mini spill kits

There are a range of different spill kits available to suit different types of spills and different sizes of spills. Where some spill kits are good at cleaning up general non-hazardous liquid spills, others are designed to cope with spills of a fuel or chemical foundation. There are also some spill kits which are suitable to use to clean up large liquid spills, whereas others only have a small liquid absorbing capacity and can only soak up a few litres of spilled liquid.

The type of spill kits you have on site will be based upon the potential for different liquid spills. You might have large wheeled bin spill kits kept at the ready in case you have a spill of a large amount of liquid and perhaps small spill kits positioned around the factory or on forklift trucks.

The benefits of mini oil spill kits

Oil spill kits are designed to soak up oil whilst not soaking up water. This means they work especially well outdoors and in watercourses or out at sea. They are also really useful when oil enters a drain; the absorbent pads of mini oil spill kits soak up the spilled oil so it can be removed effectively and efficiently.

Although mini spill kits are small in size, they can still soak up around 10 litres of spilled liquid, and being small they can be carried easily on one’s person or in the boot of a car.

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