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The benefits of emergency spill kits

Spill kits are the perfect emergency spill solution for many different industries. And now spill kits aren’t just available for general purpose use or oil spill use. There are spill kits available today that can also be used for the containment and cleanup of specific spilled substances.

Mercury spill kit

Mercury spills are extremely hazardous, so it’s important to have the right equipment to hand to clean up these kinds of spills. A mercury spill kit will contain items that will help you to contain the mercury spill, clean the spill area and dispose of the dangerous element.

The kit minimises the toxic effect of the mercury, while also suppressing emissions from the element by solidifying it into a solid amalgam.

Body fluid spill kit

Body fluid spill kits are perfect to keep at hand if you work in the healthcare industry. The kit will immobilise and absorb spills from blood, urine and vomit, providing a sanitary solution to a potential infection hazard.

Acid neutralising spill kit

Acid spill kits can neutralise acid spills so clean up can safely take place. They are easy to use and can decontaminate the site quickly, so work at the spill site can recommence. Because these spill kits neutralise the acid, the spill area is environmentally benign, so any leftover waste can be washed into the waste water drainage system.

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