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Tank decommissioning and installation

If you have an old fuel storage tank, you may be wondering how to get rid of it and comply with the current disposal of fuel items regulations. If you use a specialist tank removal and installation service, they can make sure that everything is done properly and provide you with the appropriate legal and environmental certification so everything is done correctly.

Bunded tank decommissioning experts

The decommissioning engineers will work with the relevant local authorities and carry out a site assessment before stripping out pipework and decommissioning the tank. The tank will then be transported to a licensed waste disposal depot. In addition to this, all the necessary documentation will be handled by the decommissioning engineers.

Bunded tank installation specialists

After decommissioning your old tank, the new bunded tank can be installed. The engineers will make sure the site chosen is suitable and will prepare the base and install any necessary pipework and pumping equipment. A test of all equipment installed will complete the installation before the new tank is signed off.

Comply with the latest fuel storage regulations and install a bunded tank.

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