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Suspected chemical spill at Aberdeen business

A suspected chemical spill at a business in Aberdeen meant that a specialist hazardous waste materials team were deployed to the suspected spill site.

When a woman complained of feeling ill at the site in Torry, the fire brigade, police and the chemical response team were called to the John Ross Salmon Ltd on Sinclair Road. After a thorough investigation by the team no leak was found.

One of the business owners, John Ross, stated:

“There was no chemical leak. There was a girl taken to hospital unwell.”

The woman was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where she was treated for chemical inhalation. Grampian Police later confirmed the woman was ok and a minor incident concerning chemicals had taken place.

Spill control devices

If your business uses chemicals, you need to have procedures in place to cope with a chemical spill. Spill stations located at various points around your factory can contain spill absorbents, spill containment devices and PPE so you can effectively cope with any spill you may have. If you look online you will be able to find appropriate products for the types of hazardous liquids you use.

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