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Storing fuel in a bunded tank

To store any fuels or oil at an industrial site the site owners need to follow stringent rules so as to avoid the spillage of these substances into the surrounding environment.

Following the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 can help sites make arrangement for what they need to do to comply with the current law, with the one main prerequisite that they use some sort of bunded storage tank to store their liquids in.

A bunded storage tank contains a bund or a second skin which will collect any of the stored liquid should the primary containment vessel fail. This means that if the contents were to leak they would not affect the surrounding environment as they would all be collected. The bund in a bunded tank is usually 110% the capacity of the original tank, so there’s more than enough room for all the tank contents.

Bunded storage tanks are manufactured from steel or polypropylene and can be used to store fuel oil, chemicals or waste liquids.

There is a wide range of different bunded tanks available online, in various capacities. If you talk to a tank specialist they will be help you find a bunded tank for your specific application.

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