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Store liquid safely in IBCs

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are becoming widespread throughout industry as the popular method to store liquids used in process controlled applications.

However, IBCs need to be stored correctly and as such you need to find a way to store them which meets the current hazardous liquid storage regulations.

Bunded IBC stores are the perfect type of spill containment device to use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Because they are bunded they can prevent spills from the IBC causing damage to the surrounding environment. As the spill is contained within the bund it can be cleaned up easily.

Some storage units for IBCs include roller shutter doors or sliding doors with both options available in lockable types. Some storage units are capable of holding up to 24 IBCs, meaning that you can have a designated storage point for these liquid storage tanks at your factory.

If you need any advice regarding what type of containers are suitable to meet the Control of Pollution Regulations, the information can be found in the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG 26.

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