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Store hazardous fuel safely in bunded fuel tanks

Nowadays, bunded fuel tanks are used in several factories and industrial plants where huge amounts of dangerous fluids are stored. If you also need to handle several harmful liquids then make sure that you get bunded fuel tanks for more safety. At present, manufacturers are coming up with a wide range of fuel tanks. There are tanks with 200 litres to 3,500 litres storing capacity. Thus, you can buy the one as per your storage requirements.

Structure of bunded fuel tanks

Bunded fuel tanks are designed in such a way that they offer double security, if compared to other tanks. A bunded fuel tank has an inner tank and outer tank which is also known as a bund. Generally these tanks are made from high quality steel which makes it more durable and stronger than other tanks. The design of bunded fuel tanks makes them safer than other standard storage tanks.

If the inner tank of bunded fuel tanks leak then the outer tank can contain the spillages easily. By installing these tanks at your work place, you can easily prevent fuel spillages. This way you can easily protect your workers and the environment.

At present, the manufacturers also offer custom made bunded fuel tanks which can easily fit at your plant. These fuel tanks are also available in various colours like black, red, green, yellow, etc. so you can buy them according to your needs.

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