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Storage drums, drum taps and drum pumps

Storing hazardous liquid, such as fuels or oils in drums, is one of the most popular ways to hold and transport this type of liquid. Drums are available in either steel or polyethylene types and can feature either a top which can be opened completely or come tight headed.

Storage drums

Standard drums come in 205 lire capacity sizes, which is the norm on most industrial sites. The drums can also come pre-painted in different colours, depending on your specific application. Plastic barrels and plastic drums are more versatile than their steel counterparts and come in an even greater range of sizes and are capable of storing between 30 litres of liquid and around 220 litres of liquid.

Drum taps

To ensure the safe dispensing of liquids from drums, appropriate drum taps must be used. Drum taps let you dispense accurate amounts or liquids so there is no chance of spills from the drum. Some taps even come with self closing valves, meaning the user has to positively want to draw liquid from the drum for any to be dispensed.

Drum pumps

To transfer liquid between drums, drum pumps are often used. Drum pumps can be either manually or electrically operated and their long nozzles and corrosion proof components mean they can be used in a wide range of applications.

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