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Steel bunded IBC stores

With intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) now becoming the preferred way to store liquids at an industrial site, there becomes a need to store these containers properly.

IBCs are popular because they offer a liquid storage option which is easy to use, easy to move and comes in a size which means refilling of smaller containers does not have to happen. However, because of this it’s easy to see why some companies don’t focus on storing them properly and leave them scattered around the plant.

If the IBCs you have on site pose a risk to the surrounding environment, you should do everything possible to stop a spill or a leak from these containers. And the best way to do this is to store them in designated steel IBC stores.

IBC stores can hold individual or many IBCs depending on the store’s design. The better stores also have a bund so that if any of the contents leak they will be contained and will not affect the surrounding environment. Some steel IBC storage units are suitable for outdoor use and some can be locked, so only designated users have access to the IBCs.

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