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Stay prepared using the Environment Agency PPGs

The Environment Agency strictly enforce the environmental regulations they have put in place to prevent the untoward pollution of our environment.

In order for businesses to comply with the current legislation, and so the incidence of spills can be reduced, they have produced a number of Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs), which businesses can use to comply with the law.

The Environment Agency prosecutes thousands of businesses every year for the incorrect disposal or accidental spill of hazardous liquids into the environment. And many of these originate from factories. However, if factories are made aware of what they have to do to comply, most of these instances do not need to happen.

The cost of implementing a spill control and containment procedure at your factory will be negligible, compared to the fine you may receive if you allow a hazardous liquid to enter a water course or even just the subsoil around your plant.

The Environment Agency PPGs go into detail about what steps your business may take to prevent pollution into the environment so that you and your business can be prepared.

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