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Staff ill after hospital chemical spill

A chemical spill at a hospital in Scotland left staff needing medical attention after they suffered breathing difficulties.

The spill, at Ayr Hospital on Dalmellington Road, affected eight members of staff who were working near the intensive care ward. The spill occurred from a refrigeration unit located nearby, firefighters were called and had to wear chemical suits and breathing apparatus to seal the leak, thought to be ammonia.

Patients were evacuated from the hospital as a precaution during the spill incident which happened at 6:45pm on Tuesday evening.

All the eight members of staff treated complained of problems breathing and some had headaches.

Fire crews from Kilmarnock had to be assisted by the technical support unit from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue who used the chemical suits to locate and diagnose the problem.

The ward has since fully reopened and the refrigeration unit taken away for inspection.

It’s important for all premises that use hazardous liquids, whether pubic sector or private sector, to have spill kits available, so when a liquid is spilled the spill response can be positive and proactive.

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